Things My Daughter Says β€” Teancum

So we were reading the Book of Mormon as a family last night and after we finish my daughter leans back and says “I like that story.”

My wife gets a big smile and responds. “Just you wait there are better stories out there. Like Teancum who sneaks into the tent of a bad guy and stabs him in the heart and kills him.”

Trying to be part of this I add. “With a spear.”

My daughter looks at my wife. “So Teancum is a criminal.”

My wife’s face drops and I can’t help but laugh. My daughter rocks.

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Girl Growing Up – New Era

Well I thought the day would never come. That’s a lie. I knew the day would come but it came a little sooner than I was ready. Today I volunteered to help with my daughters field trip. My cute 9 year old that still knows how cool I really am. The one who insists that I put a note in her lunch every day. That cute 9 year old.

My daughter runs to me and gives me a big hug as she hops off the bus at the park where the 3rd grade is about to eat lunch. I brought my own lunch expecting to be part show and tell.

“So do you want me to sit by you?” I ask my daughter.

“Nah I am going to sit by my friends.” Says my cute daughter not looking back as she skips away.

No longer as cool as I thought I was. She would still glance over to make sure I was still there. Came over a few times to talk (and steal my chips). New Era – no longer the coolest person she knows.

Got to still be top 5 though.

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You Sunk My Battleship?

I get home from work last night and my daughter wants to play a game. First she suggest monopoly but without much convincing on my part we settle on Battleship.

Playing along. When I finally get a hit on A3.

A2 hit.

A1 hit.

A4 hit.

A5 hit.

Doing some math in my head I have to ask “Did I sink something?”

“Nope.” She replies and on the game continues.

I shake my head thinking I guess it is possible she has all her ships smashed together and I hit the front of each ship.

A6 hit.

A7 hit. I am on a roll.

A8 hit.

“You sunk my boat with four.” Back to my math. 8 in a row with one sinking. Still plausible until.

B2 miss. What??!!

“Dad I am bored can we play a different game?” I probably should have made her continue but I really wanted to see her board.

Apparently I needed to call A0. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

Love that girl.

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Big Brother 19 & Bad Dad

Oddly in my household we were super invested in who one Big Brother 19. Not because we don’t love Big Brother 19 but because this season was a bit of a dud. My daughter was as invested as anyone. Don’t judge me for letting my 8 year old watch Big Brother. I know that makes me a bit of a bad dad.

*** Big Brother Spoilers***

If you watched the show at all you know that Paul (a returning player) controlled and manipulated everything in the house. It was almost a given that he would win the whole thing.

That was until Josh (someone you felt would get eliminated after week one) somehow won the final competition and could choose who he took to the final two. This was his chance. Then for some reason he took Paul to the finals with him. After pausing the show to call him dumb and a bad game player we continued watching.

By some in the final vote Josh beat Paul to win the whole thing. It was so unexpected that my whole house was screaming and cheering. Then my daughter started doing the dab to the air horn. You know the air horn

She did that for ever in celebration. Man I love that girl. That air horn dabbing girl.

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The Big Bad Eclipse

Is 95% good enough or do you need the 100% totality?

It was certainly enough for us. Most of the pleasure with very little effort. Didn’t even need to take any time off work because you could do it in a lunch break.

Wasn’t sure what to expect but it was certainly fun. Well once you got over the worry of burning your retinas from looking at the sun. Didn’t help that we got an email from Amazon telling us that they never received the proper paperwork on our glasses. Still with some pizza and some friends a good time was had by all. Bring on the next eclipse.

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Good stuff #3 – My Princess

We just took a wonderful family vacation to Disneyland. With my little princess being 8 she so wanted to meet some Disney Princesses. We spent the extra to have breakfast with the Princesses and it was worth it. My daughter was hoping her favorite princess would be there. Dressed in her own Belle dress she had her fingers crossed Belle would be coming to breakfast.

As you can see from the above picture she did come to breakfast and my little princess was speechless. Of course there were others at breakfast but my daughter’seyes were always tracking Belle even though there were other princesses roaming the room. Finally her turn came to meet and talk to Belle. I must say Belle was great with her. A quick autograph, some serious interaction, and ending with a princess twirl. My Belle was giddy with happiness. Seriously good stuff.

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Good Stuff #2 – Rainy Day Forts

What do you do on a rainy Saturday with a bored 8 year old?

You build a fort. Even after your wife and daughter cleaned house all day on Friday? 

For sure. Sure my daughter ha me wrapped around her little finger. But isn’t that what little girls are supposed to do?

Seems like a good thing to me.

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