My New Endeavor

Hard to believe it is already April. What have I been doing with myself?

What do you do when your wife and daughter ask you what you want for Christmas? You think of something you have wanted to try and ask for that.

So what did I ask for? Podcasting stuff of course.

But no one would want to hear me podcast by myself. Who would I rope into helping me with it? My lovely daughter.

Yeah kind of a different motive behind that. Might not be such a bad idea to have some recordings of me and my daughter for the future. I can’t say there will be anything in there worth listening to today let alone in the future but what do I have to lose?

Feel free to listen.

My RSS Feed —

Listened to Daddy and Daughter Dialogue Episode #009 from Daddy and Daughter Dialogue @Stitcher @RyanJamesBurt

Itunes —


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That’s just wrong——

There are times were you get confirmations that you are doing some things right.

My daughter doesn’t really eat anything. We joke about how she can really be my daughter because she doesn’t eat bacon.

Today we were talking about bacon and my daughter says something like “That’s just wrong. Like pineapple on pizza wrong.”

Does my daughter eat pizza? No. Does my daughter eat pineapple? Probably not. She may have licked a piece sometime in the past. So the possibility she has ever even seen a pizza with pineapple on it let alone eat it is infinitesimal.

Still my masterful parenting has taught her the great wisdom that – pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.

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Busy Time of the Year

Wow is it a busy time of the year. Why you may ask? Let me lay it our for you.

  1.  Tonight is the NFL Draft. Being a Cleveland Browns fan this day is usually my Super Bowl day. Not so this year. Still after many of years in the past I have built up a bit of a pre draft routine. One of the main this.

Draft Day

I have to watch the Kevin Costner movie “Draft Day” about the Cleveland Browns NFL Draft. Great show if you haven’t watched it. Even if you aren’t a Browns fan.

With the draft tonight I had to get it watched. Which I did.

2) My daughter and I are huge fans of the new YouTube Original Series Cobra Kia. To the point where she saw the preview for the release of season 2 (April 24th) she hopped around the room yelling and screaming.


Still before I could start the next season I had to watch the last episode of the previous season. Need to know where we left off.

Also watched. Also another high recommend.

3) And last but certainly not least. “Avengers : Endgame” opens this weekend. Big weekend for most. I have never been one to see a movie on opening weekend but this one is more tempting than most. Why? The last one ended in a cliff hanger. My daughter was very upset after watching “Infinity War”. To the point it might take some convincing to see “Endgame.” Still I can do it.

But before seeing that I have to watch


Done and done.

Told you a busy time of year.


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Mamma Mia

I don’t know how it is in your world but in my world I tend to listen to the music my daughter wants to listen to. I realize that can be painful at times — ie The High School Musical 4 hour road trip. But listening to her sing as I cruise down the road brings me joy.

Her current music of choice? Mamma Mia. Yes my little girl is “Taking a Chance” on being a “Dancing Queen.”

Our little road trip this spring break was filled with ABBA songs. Surprisingly I knew more than I expected. Not as painful as initially anticipated.

Then in my mail yesterday I got an email notifying me that in the neighboring town for one more night they were showing “Mamma Mia”. Being the good Dad I am I bought some tickets and suddenly our night was going to involve some ABBA.

Totally worth it. Seeing the excitement on my daughters face. Having her quiz me on songs before the show started. Her singing each song softly so she doesn’t disturb the other patrons. Then a 3 song audience sing along at the end of the show with her dancing in the isle. Totally Worth It!!

Didn’t even mind the show. Probably helped I was familiar with the soundtrack.

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Things My Daughter Says — Teancum

So we were reading the Book of Mormon as a family last night and after we finish my daughter leans back and says “I like that story.”

My wife gets a big smile and responds. “Just you wait there are better stories out there. Like Teancum who sneaks into the tent of a bad guy and stabs him in the heart and kills him.”

Trying to be part of this I add. “With a spear.”

My daughter looks at my wife. “So Teancum is a criminal.”

My wife’s face drops and I can’t help but laugh. My daughter rocks.

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Girl Growing Up – New Era

Well I thought the day would never come. That’s a lie. I knew the day would come but it came a little sooner than I was ready. Today I volunteered to help with my daughters field trip. My cute 9 year old that still knows how cool I really am. The one who insists that I put a note in her lunch every day. That cute 9 year old.

My daughter runs to me and gives me a big hug as she hops off the bus at the park where the 3rd grade is about to eat lunch. I brought my own lunch expecting to be part show and tell.

“So do you want me to sit by you?” I ask my daughter.

“Nah I am going to sit by my friends.” Says my cute daughter not looking back as she skips away.

No longer as cool as I thought I was. She would still glance over to make sure I was still there. Came over a few times to talk (and steal my chips). New Era – no longer the coolest person she knows.

Got to still be top 5 though.

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You Sunk My Battleship?

I get home from work last night and my daughter wants to play a game. First she suggest monopoly but without much convincing on my part we settle on Battleship.

Playing along. When I finally get a hit on A3.

A2 hit.

A1 hit.

A4 hit.

A5 hit.

Doing some math in my head I have to ask “Did I sink something?”

“Nope.” She replies and on the game continues.

I shake my head thinking I guess it is possible she has all her ships smashed together and I hit the front of each ship.

A6 hit.

A7 hit. I am on a roll.

A8 hit.

“You sunk my boat with four.” Back to my math. 8 in a row with one sinking. Still plausible until.

B2 miss. What??!!

“Dad I am bored can we play a different game?” I probably should have made her continue but I really wanted to see her board.

Apparently I needed to call A0. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

Love that girl.

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