March Madness & Bacon Explosion

Woo hoo March Madness is here.  Got several brackets in and surprisingly not doing super hot.  Ok maybe not Surprisingly. 

Had the Priest Quorem over last night for Bacon Explosion and games.  Went really well I felt.  Had quite a few boys over.  Bacon Explosion was a whole lot of meat but it tasted really good.  I want to say everyone liked it.  Noone puked which is always a plus. 

What is Bacon Explosion you ask.  Well you take bacon and weave it together.  A nice 5 by 5 square.  Then you take Italian sausage and smash it down so it covers the bacon mat.  Take some dry rub and sprinkle that.  Then you take some cooked backon and sprinkle that over top.  Cover with BBQ sause and then your ready to roll.  Roll as in take the sausage and roll it up into a nice little loaf.  Seal off the ends and the seam.  Roll up the bacon now around the sausage loaf.

Cooked it for almost 4 hours at 250.  Used some of the broiler to cook the bacon.  We flipped one over to cook the bottom part of the bacon better.  That did work somewhat better. 

Good though.


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