Shooting in a small town.

So today there was a shooting in Brigham City.  A double murder suicide.  I realize stuff like this happens everywhere small town or big town.  The scary part is it was only feet away from the elementary school where my wife works. 

This double murder suicide was at an assisted living center for disabled people.  Kids can see this place from the playground.  Many walk by it on their way home.   I have to say I was uneasy about the location of this place when they first started building it but now I am even more uneasy about it.  Shouldn’t there be some sort of zoning about what can be built around an elementary school.

I also hear there was a bit off a mass panic.  Sounds like some news crew was driving around looking for the Discovery Place Assisted Living Center where the double murder suicide happened.  The problem is that the elementary school right next to it is called Discovery Elementary.  So the news crew was asking directions to Discovery.

“Why are you looking for Discovery people ask?”

“We are here to cover a tragedy that happened there.”

Needless to say this caused a panic.  Parents calling and worrying.  I hear that the amount of parents to pick up their kids after school was extremely large.  I am lucky that my phone couldn’t connect to the internet all morning.  I would have been worried about my wife but by the time I got any information on this situation it was all resolved.

If I wasn’t in the media dark I would have been all sorts of worried.  Is the class room on lock down?  Is she in danger? 

So much for living in a quiet little town.


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