My Review of Thor

I went online to find some site (like goodreads for books) that I could post my reviews for movies.  I looked a little but didn’t really find anything I liked.  I admit I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking.  So due to the fact their wasn’t and easy site to use I am going to post my reviews on this blog.

I went and saw Thor.  I am going to use the typical star ratings because that is what people are most comfortable with.  I give Thor a 3 and 3/4 stars.  Why 3 and 3/4 because 3 and 1/2 have seemed to low and 4 seemed to high. 

I was not familiar with the Thor story so I have no idea if this follows the comic books or not but for me it seemed correct.  But then all I knew about Thor before going in was he was the guy with the Hammer.  Was he a God or an Alien?  This movie did answer those questions.

The guy they cast as Thor sure looked like I would imagine Thor would look like.  They even had the useless scene with him shirtless for a few minutes for the ladies in the crowd.  His love interest is Queen Amadala (okay it was Natalie Portman but she will always be Queen Amadala to me).  She did an okay job but it wasn’t really too believable.  I think it might have been too much love too fast. 

Action scenes were awesome which of course is something I look for in a good movie. 

I liked the movie and it was the perfect guy movie with plenty of action and some story.  I admit the story wasn’t the strongest but I really only need it to get me from one action scene to another.  If you have like some of the other comic action movies you will probably like this one. 

Also be ready for a lot of commercials.  There was some good commercials but there was plenty of them there.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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