I may be old but I am high-tech.

As some of you may know I have aspirations of being a writer.  Wanting to be a writer I tend to do some research on the best way to be a successful author.  Most if not all say to be a successful author in today’s world you need to be high-tech.  Well the official term is you need to have a platform.

What is a platform you may ask.  A platform is having an online presence.  You need to be visible to your future audience.   How is that done?

1) Blog – Hey if you are reading my blog that means you have potential to be one of my future customers.  Please keep reading my blog.

2) Twitter – You need to have a twitter profile and write on it.  Not only write on it but interact with the people on it.  This is something I can certainly do better at.  I do have a twitter account and I do tweet but I could interact more.

3) Facebook – You should have a facebook account.  I do have a facebook account but that is just friends and family.  They say you need to set up a facebook fan page.    So I set up a Ryan James Burt fan page.  Does it feel weird to have a fan page?  Oh yeah.  Am I the only one on there?  Yes.  So I am my own fan.

4) Webpage – You should have a webpage.  So being the dedicated person I am I set up a webpage for all to read and enjoy.  The page is www.ryanjamesburt.com .  Yep I am all over the web.

So there you go that is all I am trying to do to have a platform.  I didn’t feel high-tech until today.  I was making dinner and listening to a song on my iPod (no I don’t feel high-tech because I have an iPod).  A song comes on and I am thinking what song is this.  The I remember what the song is.  It is ‘Not Fragile’ by Christina Grimmie.

Who is Christina Grimmie you may ask? Christina is a YouTube sensation.  As I was making dinner and listening to this song I thought about how I came to hear of Christina.  I had a friend post a video of her on facebook (Christina made a name for herself covering famous songs and posting the results on YouTube.)  So after I watched this video of Christina on YouTube there was an option to follow her on Twitter.

So her I am following this 17-year-old cover singer on YouTube and enjoying the different songs she covers.  She calls her fans Team Grimmie and  needless to say I am becoming one.  She puts out an album and I buy it.  No not a CD but I down load it onto my iPod.

So there I was making tostadas for my lovely wife and cute daughter when it hit me that I may be old but I am trying to stay high-tech.  Go me.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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