Kindle. Buy one? Good or Bad? Do I read more or less?

I have had a kindle for a while and I enjoy it a lot.

Why do I like it?

At first I though I would miss the book but I have always been a gadget guy.  One of my favorite things about the kindle is I can have thousands of books on it.  I was the type of person that when I was 150 pages away from the end of the book I would being my next book along with me.  I also kept an extra book in my car and at work if there was a reading emergency.

With the kindle if you have a reading emergency all you do is bring up another book you have downloaded or use the kindle to get a new one.  60 seconds and BLAMO you have a new book.

I also like to read some epic fantasy books on occasion.  You know what I am talking about.  Those huge 1000 page books that you think would make an excellent hiding spot if you cut out the pages.  Have you ever tried to carry one of those around all day?  Ouch.  Or fallen asleep with one on your chest?  Hard to breath.

With a kindle a 1000 page book is as thin and light as a 5 page book.  Once I even spent my money to have the real book but ended up getting the kindle version so I didn’t have to carry the huge book around.  It is also nice when you are reading in bed because you can lay on your side and not struggle with the book.  You know how you try to shift the book so you can view the right page.

I know I am singing praises about the kindle but it isn’t all sunny skies.  I do find it weird that there are no page numbers.  It is weird to say that you are 85% done with the book.  I can see why it can’t do pages because you can adjust the font (which is a great feature on the kindle.  Making it easier to read).  Still little weird.

Also when you buy a book it is hard to get a feel for how big it really is.  I am sure that the amazon page had the number of pages in the book but it isn’t the most accessible.  You might spend the same amount of money on a fat or thin book.  I know when I went into book stores I would compare thickness before purchasing.

There are also a lot of free books.  Sure most of them are old classics or authors that are trying to get their name recognised.  But hey free is free you can’t complain about free.  There are also 99 cent books.  The kindle used to have no books over 9.99 but that isn’t the case now.  Every once in a while you can even find a print book cheaper than the e-book.  Go figure that.

Kindle books are lendable.  Not like you think though.  You can only lend a book out once.  That is a little weird.  I can see it because if you could lend it out every two weeks it would kill book sales.  But once for the whole life of the book?  Really?

One of the best and worst thinks about the kindle is the samples.  For any kindle book you can get a sample (usually the first 10% of the book) and read it for free.  That is very a very cool feature.  That way you can get a feel for the book before you buy it.

What is the negative to the cool sample option you might ask?  I have almost a hundred samples on my kindle.  100 samples would take me weeks to get through even if I don’t but any of them.  Every time I hear someone mention a book that sounds interesting I download a sample.  Then by the time a get to it I don’t remember why I downloaded it.

That goes to the question on whether I read more now I have the kindle.  I do read more but I also read less.  I read less complete books.  I have become much more critical of books.  I would say I reject 4 out of 5 samples for not being interesting enough.  Did that save me money?  Sure.  Time?  Ohh yeah because once I start a book I used to have to finish it.

Would I recommend the kindle to someone?  Yes.  If you are a reader the kindle is the way to go.  It is an excellent way to read.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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