I admit it. I am a reality TV junkie.

I know I know.  You read my blog and thing wow this guy has it all together.  This guy knows what is going on.  This guy must not get sucked into the useless things of the world.  As much as I appreciate your thoughts they are not completely true.  I do have a vice or two and one of them is reality tv.

For example Monday night had the premier of ‘The Bachelor Pad’.  Yes this is a second level reality tv show.  People who got kicked off the Bachelor or Bachelorette get back together and compete for 250,000.  Why would someone as wise and knowledgable as me watch something like this?  Who knows.  I do.

Monday night was a three-hour premier and my wife and I (yes I sucked my wife in too) stayed up until 1 am trying to watch it all.  We needed to see what was going to happen.  The only problem is we had to wait until our cute little daughter went to sleep before we could watch it.  Then we watched the last hour today.  Am I smart for having watched it?  Probably not.  Did I enjoy it immensely?  Ohh yeah.   Go Gia Allemand.

How did my reality addiction start?  Survivor?  Probably not but I did watch the first season?  Big Brother?  One of my favorite shows of all time but I didn’t even watch the first season of this awesome show.  I would have to say what started it all had to be the ‘Jerry Springer Show’.

What??  Jerry Springer isn’t reality TV I hear you scream at your computer.  Some of you might even say it isn’t even real let alone reality.  That may be true but there is only one reason to watch Jerry Springer.  You watch Jerry Springer to say my life may be bad but it isn’t as bad as that guy.

It is that very same reason we watch a show like the Bachelor or Bachelorette.  We want to see the train wreck.  We don’t want to see this couple live happily ever after (except for you Ryan and Trista.  We love you.) we want to see the horrible break ups and heart breaks.  That is what makes for great reality TV.

In my life I have wasted hours and hours of my life on reality tv.  Sure I was single for a very very very long time so I had some time to waste but below I am planning to list off some of the reality tv I liked.  I must admit I am a little scared to see how long the list might be.

Fun Reality TV shows from my wasted past.

1) Temptation Island – Couples looking to be broken up.

2) Paradise Hotel – Survivor without starving

3) Joe Schmo Show – Only one guy didn’t know it was scripted

4) Bachelor and Bachelorette – Dating in public

5) Amazing Race – Tourist not taking time to tour

6) Big Brother – Strangers trapped in a house trying not to kill each other.

7) Blind Date, 5th Wheel, ElimiDate – Yes I watched them all

8) For Love or Money – Whats more important Love or Money

9) Biggest Loser – Me eating watching people exercise.

10) Flavor of Love – Flavor Flav looking for love

11) The Mole – One person sabotage

12) Mad Mad House – Try to find the weirdest people and put them in one house.

13) Beauty and the Geek – Are brains attractive?  We will see.

I know I know I am addicted.  I keep waiting for reality TV to crash and burn then I wont be able to get my fix.  So come on reality TV crash and burn so I can go back to reading or writing in my spare time.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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