Frustration of being a parent. Potty training making me lose my hair.

I admit it I am frustrated at my daughter.  Why you may ask?  Well my wife and I felt we had our daughter pretty much potty trained.  We were so proud of our 2 and 1/2-year-old.  She is a genius.  She is an easy baby.  She was going most days without accidents.  Only if something too cool to miss would she have an accident.

I guess we spoke to soon.  We should have knocked on wood.  The other night she popped in her pull up (yeah we still have her wear pull ups at night.  She is a genius but not crazy genius).   It was my night to listen for any crying or fussing she might have.  Around 3 am she does a little fussing and I go in and check on her.  I smelt the diaper but then I have my debate.  The debate most parents probably have.  Change or let her sleep.

Being the horribly lazy and bad dad I let her stay in her dirty diaper.  I figure we will just change her in the morning.   Let me tell you that wasn’t a good idea.  My little girl woke up with a nasty diaper rash.  She has had diaper rashes before and ‘Butt Paste’ works miracles.  The part I didn’t expect was is hurt her to go to the bathroom.

Since that morning she is too afraid to sit on the toilet.  So much show that she is holding it for a long time.  I mean 6 to 10 hours.  That can’t be healthy right?  Today she started talking about how there were monsters in the toilet.

The dilemma now is what to do.  We are several days later and she is still terrified of the toilet.  Bribes don’t seem to be working.  We have even ben using some good bribes.   Really good bribes.  But nothing.

Does going back to pull ups stop her progress?  Does having her cry every time we try to get her to go to the bathroom hamper any progress?  What should this horrible and lazy dad do?

Who knows.  I imagine every child is different and acts differently under similar situations.  I am desperate for answers.  We have been using a child seat on a adult potty.  I am thinking maybe I need to go by a kid potty and that might help.  We have her drinking cranberry juice just in case there is some pain causing this.  Who knows.  Who knows.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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