Best Couples. How we attach to a character and love and route for them.

I started reading a book called “The Omen Machine” by Terry Goodkind.  This is the 12th book in the Sword of truth series.  Yeah I know 12 books that is a lot.  Still when I got into the first few chapters it was amazing how much I missed the characters in this story.  The two main characters (Richard and Kahlan) have this epic love story (these are guy books but there is still the love story in it.) and I was amazed at how fast I got drawn back into there lives.

It made me think about how much I (and others) can invest into couples.  You look back at the end of Harry Potter and how some people feel a hole now that series is over.  I know I felt that same hole when I finished the 7th book.  I remember googling ‘What is the next Harry Potter book?’  I even read the James Potter series by G. Norman Lippert.  Just reading a book in the same world as Harry Potter filled the hole a bit (Decent series if you have felt the Harry Potter hole).

I even looked back at my list (see earlier posts) and it is their character that I am attracted too not the real person.  I even had some friends suggesting I move people up and down the list because the real life person is nicer than this real life person.  It is the character I am attached too.

So thinking back on my life I tried to think of couples that I really pulled for in my life.  Couples who I wanted to see together.  Some do, some didn’t, and some you really don’t know.  These are some of my favorite couples.

1) Richard and Kahlan from the Sword of Truth series.  You could even count the television show Legend of the Seeker.  Both books and TV shows are excellent.

2) Ron and Hermione from harry Potter.  There were  a few couples that people rooted for in this book.  Harry and Ginny or even Neville and Luna.  Still above all had to be Ron and Hermione.

3) Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek.  I try to remember back to the beginning of the show and wonder if I pulled for Dawson early on.  I want to say I did.  But Pacey and Joey were destined to be together at the end.  I remember cheering when they ended up together.

4) Clark and Chloe from Smallville.  Always in the back of your head you knew Superman ended up with Lois Lane but you heart always wanted Clark and Chloe to be together.  I have to say I was a bit sad that it never really happened.

5) Bones and Booth from Bones.  Every season you get a glimmer of hope that they will be together but it still hasn’t happened.  Remember the episode where Bones was buried underground and there was the little puff of dirt and Booth came running down.  I thought that would be the turning point.

6) Joey and Rachel from Friends.  For a season you sure thought this was going to happen.  Not only thought it was but wanted it to happen.  I know Ross was supposed to be this epic love but Joey was so much cooler.

7) Mal and Inara from Firefly.  I admit I am a brown coat and I wanted to see these two together.  Such chemistry between the two.  Here is a show I defiantly miss.

8) Angel and Cordy from Angel.  I know I know he is supposed to be with Buffy.  Or that is what you thought all through Buffy and lots of Angel.


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