The Staycation.

My wife is never one to stay idle on a weekend.  Let alone a long weekend.  We had our normal Sunday morning filled with church, meetings, and lunch.  We put our little girl down for a nap and I made the mistake of asking her what our POA (Plan of Attack or Plan of Action never really know what the A stands for.  They both work so well).  Sounds like most of our plans were centered around SLC for the rest of Sunday and Monday.

My wife bats her beautiful eyes at me and says “We should have a Staycation.”

I admit it took me a while to decide what staycation meant.  When I figured it out (I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box) we jumped online to look at hotels.  We find a reasonable price hotel in the SLC area and book it.  My wife starts to skip around the room and packing for our staycation.

So what is involved in a SLC staycation with a under three-year old?  Well when after her nap we head down to temple square.  Our little girl kept saying she wanted to see the temple.  Why not take her to one of the most impressive LDS temples out there?

She loved seeing it.  Well she enjoyed seeing the temple and loved seeing the water fountains and falls on the grounds around it.  We went into the South visitor center and she really liked the model of the temple.  Her sized temple.

We went over to the Northern visitor center and watched some movies and looked at the Christos.  I think she was intimidated by it.  She knew who it was but the size scared her.

Then we went over to the LDS Church History Museum.  We saw they had a new exhibit “A Book of Mormon Celebracion for Children” ( .  It was a very cool exhibit.  Our little girl loved it.

We head back to the hotel for a little swimming, food, and then trying to calm our little girl down enough to sleep in her bed while still being able to see us.  I think she fell asleep just moments before my wife.  They were staycationed out.

The next morning we get up and have the hotels breakfast.  A decent breakfast actually.  Had actual eggs and bacon.  Yummy bacon.

Then we head over to the Gateway to go to the Discovery Children’s Museum.  One little note.  It doesnt open till 10.  We had some wondering around.  Went to the Olympic water show and let her run around.  She was too afraid to get wet.

The we made it into the museum.  Our little girl loves that place.  She spent all morning there and she probably would have spent the afternoon if we didn’t say she needed to have lunch.

We have always wanted to take our little girl to the Mayan.  We think she would like the show.  But it was closed for the holiday.  Not the best of timing for us.  Had to go to Joes Crab Shack (upgrade for me down grade for my wife) and eat lots and lots of grab.

Did you know there is  a children’s playground in Joes Crab Shack at Jordan Landing?  I didn’t.  But we got to relax and wait for our food while our daughter played with other kids.  Then had yummy food.

After lunch we had promised our little girl we would go see ‘Smurfs’.  Our daughter doesn’t really sit still for long periods of time but she did okay.  Got to train her to like going to the movies.  Other then the two trips to the bathroom (ahh the joys of potty training.) it was a pleasant movie.  Funny and kind of what you would expect.

There you go.  That’s what my Staycation was.  Good times.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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