Dress and Appearance Activity (For the Stength of Youth)

Okay lets try this again.

It is good to have out joint activity done.  Working with the priests in the ward is a definite pleasure but there are times where you wonder if an activity will go well.  For our joint activities we do a different topic from the For the Strength of Youth.  Our topic was Dress and Appearance.

We decided to do a quiz (Dress & Appearance).  We got together and put together some questions and put them into a power point presentation.  I borrowed my wifes game buzzer.  We divided up into six teams and whoever buzzed in first got to answer the question.  After each question there is a slide with the corresponding answer.

I always figure it is good to add a competitive side of any activity.  At least for the boys.  They tend to get into the competitive aspect of things.

After the quiz we wanted to do a physical activity.  So we decided to play an odd game of basketball.  We got some reversible jerseys and decided every time you shot the ball you had to switch teams.  It was definitely a game of organized chaos.  People turning their jerseys inside out or switching with someone on the bench.  Fun but crazy.

All and all I think it was a good activity and wanted to share it.  Who knows when some one might look for a dress and appearance quiz.  Okay it might not be in high demand but if it makes it easier for another Young Men’s President then I will feel better.


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