Winner winner chicken dinner. Congrats Diamond Lil.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

We have the big 50th post blog winner.  Drumroll pa da da da.  Diamond Lil.  She had the best nickname for my little girl.  Yes in case you missed it I had a HUGE contest giving followers of my blog the opportunity to name my daughter.

The winning suggestion is “Pepper” because my little girl is so spicy.  So Pepper it will be from this day forward.  Lets give it a try.

Pepper is all about watching Pete’s Dragon.  Not only is she big on watching Pete’s Dragon but she loves to sing all the songs.  We will be driving down the road and Pepper will demand that we sing the “Not Easy” song.

So I will start out with a little “It’s not easy..”

Pepper will follow up with a “Too find someone who cares.”

I follow with a perfectly in tune “It’s not easy..”

Pepper gives me a “Too find magic in pairs.”

I get to the point where I wish I knew the song better.  “Now I found him..”

Pepper sings “I love him.  Never let him get away.”

Then I do a “Its not easyyyyy!” trying to signify it is the end of the song.

Pepper doesn’t get the hint and continues on “To find someone who cares.”

Its like an endless loop.  I get desperate after 15 or 20 rounds and use the “I had one friend by my side.  Now I have two.  Him and you.”

As wonderful as my singing is the two and you from those lines are never pleasant.  Some times this ends it and other times Pepper demands more singing.

The nickname Pepper works very well.  I like it.  Thanks once again Diamond Lil for your
wonderful suggestion.  I might have to think of some reward for you winning the HUGÈ 50th blog post contest.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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2 Responses to Winner winner chicken dinner. Congrats Diamond Lil.

  1. Melissa Bell says:

    Peppers is a great nickname! Way better than Burkie, the name Tom thought of. Lol!


  2. Burkie isn’t bad. Although if you throw the last name on there is does kind of roll. Burkie Burt.


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