Do miracles happen? I heard about one tonight.

Do miracles happen?  It was a question that was brought up in a meeting I went to tonight.  Why were we talking about miracles?  The first guest speaker was a young man who had been in an accident.  He was in a coma for over 2 weeks and in the hospital for 22 days.

It sounds like there were times the doctors told the family that this young man wouldn’t make it.  Listening to the young man was a cool experience.  I am sure he is still suffering some from his injuries but considering how bad it was him standing there talking to us was a miracle.

The second guest speaker was his dad.  That’s when the situation really hit home for me.  When the young man was battling for life and death he was in a coma.  It was his parents that were spending every waking moment (and probably sleeping moment) worrying about their loved one.

He talked about how he spent many an hour in the waiting room.  In that room not knowing if his son was going to live or die.  Waiting with other families in similar situations.

I have a beautiful little girl and can not imagine what that must have felt like.  To feel hopeless there waiting for a miracle to happen.  For this family a miracle did happen.  I am sure in hospitals all across the county there are miracles happening for families.

Still as many miracles that are happening across the county there must be families that are heart broken and destroyed in those same rooms.

I admit when I cam home from that meeting I gave my daughter a longer hug then she probably wanted.  My wife was away for the weekend to a conference so it was just my daughter and I for most of the weekend.  I am sure I underappreciated the time we spent together.

Not at this moment though.  I never want to be in that waiting room but if I do I want to enjoy every moment I spend with my wonderful girl.


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One Response to Do miracles happen? I heard about one tonight.

  1. Rebecca Bickham says:


    Earlier this year I had a miracle happen in the waiting room of Phoenix Children’s Hospital pediatric surgery while waiting for 4 1/2 hours to find out if my 5 year old daughter had cancer or not. Since hearing the news a week prior (while in the hospital with our younger daughter Hannah for RSV) we felt the very literal blessings of hundreds of prayers, many of them from many temples across the globe. Miracles do happen. It turned out to be a urachal cyst that grew to the size of a large orange and neccessitated the removal of 1/3 of her bladder. But it wasn’t urachal cancer (which is nearly identical) and lethal within single digit months of symptoms. I know what we felt and the blessings we received were a direct result of the faithful prayers of many combined with Heavenly Father’s will and plan for Natalee. I know it doesn’t always work out the way we want but I remember the peace I was given during this experience of knowing whatever did happen it would be ok and He was in charge. Our Heavenly Father truly knows each of us and has a plan for each of us and if we are blessed beyond measure for excerising that faith no matter the consequence. Thank you for this story, we all need to know that miracles happen.


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