The book is always better then the movie? Or is it?

It is a common saying that ‘The book is always better than the movie.’  I for one have said it may times before.  Is it true?  Lets look at some recent examples.

I am Four – Book better than movie

Eragon – Book better than movie

Twilight – Book better than movie

DaVinci Code – Book better than movie

Bourne – Books better than movie

So there’s a list of 5 semi recent movies where the book is better than the movie.  In some cases way better.  I imagine there are people out there who might disagree with me.  Part of the argument I imagine they would use would be it depends on which you experienced first.

It is like a song that comes out with multiple versions.  I am almost always a fan of the one I listened to first.  Even if the version I hear is the newer one I like that one better the original classic one.

I always like to read the book before I watch the movie.  Does that predisposition me to like the book better?  I tried to think about some books where the movie is close to or even better than the book.

Jurassic Park – Both super good.

Lord of the Ring – I know I know.  I admit I liked the movies way more.  Sorry.

Godfather – I won’t say which one I like better but it is close.

Princess Bride – Movie and Book are so close hard to tell what the difference is.

Harry Potter 7.1 – First half of Harry potter 7 book was boring.  Movie not so much.

Why am I thinking about stuff like this?  I am reading ‘Heat Rising’ by Richard Castle.  There is a TV show called ‘Castle’ on ABC.  If you haven’t seen it you better get on your horse and go watch it.  It is great.  The character played by Nathan Fillon is a writer named Castle.  He follows the police around and helps them solve crimes.

So as part of their advertizing for the show they have released several books supposedly written by Richard Castle.  I admit it I am a sucker and have bought all three of them.  As I said I am currently reading the third one.  Reading it only makes me want to see the show more.

I have actually read several books as a way to help me fill the void when the show is on hiatus.

Psych – Awesome show and okay books

Burn Notice – Super show and interesting books

Stargate – Lots of versions and books.  Some hit some miss

Star Trek – See above

So there you go.  My rambling on about books and movies. I found it interesting.  Hope you do too.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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3 Responses to The book is always better then the movie? Or is it?

  1. friendlygal says:

    the reason we find books more interesting is that while reading a book we are free to use our wild imagination to picture the events described………while watching a movie one has to digest the scenes as they are………………………..


  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Burn Notice was a fantastic movie, totally gripping – but I didn’t know there were books out on it!
    I agree the book is better than the movie simply because each individual imagines it according to their own mind. With a director creating a movie, they do it according to their mind – and it just might not click with all minds.

    Hey, Ryan James Burt, I note you recently subscribed. I’d just like to say thanks, I’m honoured. I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to offer – or if not enjoy, “get something from it”.

    You’ll have to pardon me but I’ll be uploading a post shortly which is a powerpoint presentation. The story is, I wanted to do my next post a little creatively & was just testing out the media on wordpress AND NONE OF MY IDEAS WORKED! It wouldn’t upload and interpret across. So I thought I’d do a powerpoint presentation and hide all the various media in it …. but the PP didn’t work either. So, just because I spent time making a PP, I decided to film it & show it to my subbers anyhow, to thank them for being so tolerant of me uploading three failed posts. Sigh, a bit limited the creative side of things here.

    ANYhow, what I really meant to do was drop in & see who you are, & thank you. And as it happens, an interesting post – & I agree with you 🙂 Hope that wasn’t all too much!


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