My new book. Real Reality – Sample for your opinion.

You might not know it but I like to write.  I have written 4 books (just finished the first draft of the 4th one this week).  None are published or even well edited yet.  I have a few out with friends being read and checked.  Do give you an idea of what I write I decided to include the first 500ish words of my new book.  Let me know what you think.

Real Reality

Chapter 1

The bullet passes so close to my head that I feel it burn the top of my ear as it passes. You would think I would be used to people shooting at me since I have
been shot at as long as I can remember.  The funny thing is I haven’t even done anything that might warrant being shot at.  Why would someone be shooting at a seventeen year old?  Because I live on Earth.

Earth has been a war zone ever since the event.  Some genius scientists tried to give the moon a stable living atmosphere.  When they turned the moon into this stable environment it destroyed the environment on the Earth.  The richest of the rich moved to this new paradise on the moon and the rest of us tried to survive on this dying planet.  Early on people started to die left and right due to the changes in the environment and weather.  The whole world was in chaos.

There was no government, no military, and no structure whatsoever.  It became the survival of the fittest, which really ended up being survival of the meanest. The way the whole structure of the world deteriorated was scary.  That gangs or mobs formed in every city and they took everything they wanted or needed to survive.  That was over ten years ago and Earth is still a battlefield but it isn’t a battle for survival it is a battle for popularity.

                 The super rich moon colony has taken over all the satellites that were left hovering over the dying Earth to use as entertainment.  The Earth became one big reality television show.  I remember the first time I saw a package shot down from the sky.  We had no idea what to think.  Why is there a little missile falling down in the middle of a war zone?  When my gang leader opened it up and pulled out a grenade I thought for sure it was going to blow up in his hand.

                That was the first of many missile presents.  We had no idea what to think of them for the longest time.  That was until the floating score boards started showing up.  It was very disturbing to see a list or my entire gang on this big floating score keeper
although not as disturbing as the odds of our survival.  It seems they moon colony was trying to push a battle between two gangs and we were expected to lose.

We did lose the battle but it wasn’t because we were out maneuvered but it seems that they had some rich moon benefactor that sent plenty of the rocket gifts filled with weapons.  We didn’t stand a chance and were all wiped out.  Well everyone but me.  I was trapped in a corner by one of the opposition and ready for death.  Death never came instead I was given mercy.

“Go.  Run away and never come back.  I won’t kill you now but if I see you again I
am afraid I will have to kill you.” The gun aimed at my head was lowered and I can finally see the person behind it.  My savior is as big as anyone I have ever seen.  He must be at least 6’6” tall and easily 300 pounds.  Of the 300 pounds I can’t imagine even one
ounce of it is not muscle.  I can see why I am given mercy because to this monster couldn’t consider me a threat.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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