Ironic Christmas

Let me start out by saying I had a really good Christmas.  Even though I had a really good Christmas it was somewhat ironic.

For those of you who don’t know I have a very cute little 2-year-old daughter.  She is very cute but full of surprises.  Let me lay some of the ironic things that happened this holiday season.

We got two pictures with Santa this year.  First we went to a breakfast with Santa and the picture we got was a screaming child terrified of Santa.  Then just a week later the very same child sat on Santa’s lap and talked to him all about the Scooby Doo wrapping paper.

How about having to drive around almost all of December looking at different Christmas lights.  So obsessed with the lights we put some Christmas lights up inside her room.  So being the great parent I am (my wife gets credit too) we plan Christmas Eve night to go out and try to find as many Christmas lights as we can.  So we are loaded up in the car and ask my daughter if she wants to see Christmas lights and she says no.  The girl who wants to see lights and more lights would rather go home.

Christmas morning my daughter wakes up bright and early.  I expect her to start slapping me on the head telling me we need to go unwrap presents but she climbs into bed and wants to watch a movie.  The same girl who has begged to open a present almost every day of December.  The same girl whose favorite game is to wrap random objects in towels and unwrap them.  I finally was awake enough to say “Who wants to open presents?”  Needless to say my daughter was all for that.

Okay last thing.  My daughters birthday is coming up and we have been talking about getting her a birthday cake.  When we told her that Christmas is also Jesus’s birthday and she demanded that we get him a birthday cake.  So my wife being the wonderful mother she is makes a Jesus birthday cake.  Christmas day we pull in front of my sisters house.

I turn to my little girl and say “This is my sister’s house.”

She immediately responds “No.  We need to go to Jesus’s party.  It is his birthday.  Not your sister’s.”

How do you reason with this little girl?  The only way I know how.  “Let’s go inside and see if he is here.”

Just in case you were wondering he wasn’t there but we still had birthday cake.  Actually my wife and I liked it so much we are planning on having birthday cake every year.

All and all it was a really good Christmas and my daughter is the cutest ever.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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3 Responses to Ironic Christmas

  1. LOL. She’s going to keep you on your toes. Wait ’til she’s a teenager 😀


  2. Sounds like my son when he was 2. He’s still not into the Santa mania. As long as he gets his toys, all he need is a few minutes close to Santa. I just got one Santa photo with him this year. Very enjoyable post. Have a blessed New Year!!!!


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