Okay I give up. 3D is not worth the price of admission.

I am a gadget guy.  I admit it.  If I buy it I want it to have all the bells and whistles.   I might even buy a car because it has 4 more cup holders in it vs. it’s competitor.  I have wanted to like 3D.  The thought of 3D is very cool but what we have now just doesn’t fit the bill.

I took my daughter to the 3D version of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ tonight.  We made a whole event of it.  Talked it up and my wife and daughter even watched it earlier in the day.  I even went far enough to buy a little Belle figurine for my daughter as a cherry on top.  I looked for a 2D version of it out there somewhere and was willing to drive significant distance for it but none was to be seen.

I fork over the cash (paying extra for the 3D) and we head to our seats.  (I do like the reserved seating even though the theater was practically empty).  We watch the commercials and then the screen comes on to put on your 3D glasses.  I put mine on and am instantly reminded how much I don’t like wearing glasses.  (I do like wearing sunglasses though.  That is weird).  Still I will sacrifice to give my daughter the best of the best.

She puts on her glasses and there before it even starts she needs to go to the bathroom.  We zoom back and catch the end of the Tangled short at the beginning.  Then the movie starts and my daughter is entranced.  She is awed by it and reaching out to touch the 3D items.  I was thinking ‘Yeah this is going to be awesome.’

Awesome was not to be.  After the first couple of minutes she was done with the glasses.  After 4 trips to the bathroom and climbing from seat to seat the movie was over.  I take off my glasses rubbing my temples and eyes from the 3D glasses.  On the way out I ask my 3 year old.  “Which do you like better?  The big TV (movie) or the little TV.”

“I like the little TV better.”  She responds without hesitation.  If only I had know that 3 hours earlier.  Still I know it now.  I know I won’t see a 3D movie unless it is the only option (don’t give me the Avitar argument.  I saw that in 3D too).  I know I will never own a 3D TV as long as glasses (I hear they are like 150 dollars a piece) are mandatory.

Sorry 3D you have been voted off the island.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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