Myths and Busted Myths

For those of you who don’t know Wednesday night I get to spend time with the young men from the church.  For their activity for this week they wanted to do a Myth Busters activity.  I enjoy a good episode of Myth Busters but the ones I like are the ones with explosions and guns.  As exciting as explosions and guns are I am not sure that is the safest of activity.  The young men threw out some ideas and it worked out pretty good.

We started out with a YouTube Video about “Mormon Myths and Realities.”

It does always amaze me at some of the things people believe about the LDS Church.  I remember when I was on my mission the amount of people that asked me if I was a member of the CIA or if I had horns (even though my hair was so short I had no place to hide horns if I had them).

Once that was over it was time to get to the ideas that the boys had.  We started out with if you could unwrap a starburst with just your mouth.  I guess this isn’t really a myth but it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Cinnamon Challenge:

Supposedly it is impossible to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon.  The dryness of the cinnamon in your mouth is just too much.  I can tell you now it is possible but it is not fun at all.  If you want some entertainments you tube ‘cinnamon challenge’.  Your first reaction to the spoonful the powder goes right up your nose.  I was sniffing the rest of the night.  I felt like a drug addict.

Saltine Cracker Challenge:

Supposedly it is impossible to swallow 6 saltine crackers in a minute.  I know what you are thinking and I was thinking the same thing.  6 crackers in a minute?  No problem.  It is a problem.  I don’t believe it is impossible but it isn’t easy that’s for sure.  I think I could do it on a good day.  Post spoonful of cinnamon is not a good day.

Butter Side Down:

When you drop buttered bread it always lands butter side down right?  Not for us.  We tried it several times and 4 out of 5 times it landed butter side up.  This may not be proof but it sure doesn’t help the believe that it always lands butter side down.

Pop Rocks and Soda:

Everyone remembers Mikey right?  Mikey likes it.  Well the rumor is that he died from mixing pop rocks and Coke.  So for the final myth and our refreshments we had pop rocks and root beer.  I know what a horrible leader I am risking my kids lives.  Mikey didn’t die from pop rocks and Coke and neither did any of the boys on Wednesday.

So there you go that is our Myth Buster activity.  It was pretty fun.  If you have some spare time and are looking for a fun activity give it a try.  I tried to add video but couldn’t get it in the right format.  But if we are Facebook fiends I did post it on my site.  Feel free to laugh at me.



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