Why do I watch the Food Network?

In this era of DVR there is only two stations that I will turn to and watch whatever is on it.  The first is ESPN.  My wife does call ESPN my girlfriend because I spend so much time with her.  The other one is the Food Network.

I admit it.  I like to watch the Food Network.  Saying that I am not sure why I like the Food Network.  I do enjoy cooking but I have never watched something and then thought wow I need to make that item.

Sure it doesn’t help that my favorites are Chopped and Iron Chef.  Those shows tend to use unusual ingredients that I will never use.  But beyond that everything else almost seems to fancy for my taste.  Maybe I am too simple.  Maybe I am not sophisticated.  (Okay I know some people who are reading this are laughing at the thought of me being sophisticated.)

Knowing I will never use the skills that they show is something I will never use.  I have always been a sucker for reality TV and that is what the Food Network is.  Kind of.

Creativity:  I like the creativity of it all.  Just to see what items might go together or what ideas.  I watch how some combine different flavors and I think wow that would be horrible.  But it is interesting to see what they think might work.  I am probably too set im my flavor pallet.  Maybe one day I might expand out some.  I might also mention the creativity on the way they plate.

Competition:  I notice the shows I like the best are the ones that have a competitive edge to them.  Two cooks going against each other.  Or even one guy trying to eat certain things.  Celebrity cooks or Horrible cooks.  Give me the competition and I will eat it up.

Disappointment: Why does Reality TV work?  People love to see the train wreck.  People watch the Bachelor as much to watch someone get rejected as proposed to.  Food Network has the same things going on to a lessor degree.  There are less tears but there are also some explosions, mess ups, and loses.

So what Food Network shows do I recommend?

1) Chopped: 4 Cooks using mysterious ingredients.  How would you use an Good & Plenty in an entrée?

2) Iron Chef America: A cook challenges the Iron Chef.  They lose more often than not but there is still a chance.

3) Throwdown with Bobby Flay:  Bobby Flay challenges someone to their signature item.  Bobby wins more than you would think.

4) Rachel vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off: I know this one is over but it was very entertaining.  Coolio, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Joey Fatone.  How can you not like that line up.

There you go.  That is why I watch the Food Network.



About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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