Hey it’s a birthday – Blogging for 1 year!!

I know I know it is hard to believe.  I have been blogging for a whole year.  I have shared a whole lot of information with you readers over that time.

112 posts.  That’s not bad.  Figure that is 52 weeks.  More than two a week.  I can talk your ear off.

3,572 views.  I know that is a lot.  Somehow for a while I got on some list.  That’s almost 10 views a day.

If you read my last blog you learned I was a crier.  I know embarrassing stuff.    What else should you have learned about me over the last year.

Die hard Laker fan.  That’s right I bleed purple and gold.

I love to read.  If you could see all the books in my front room you would know this.

I like to write.  Okay I love to write but I don’t enjoy editing.

I am an accountant but I don’t even do my own taxes.  (So I won’t do yours!)

It took me a while to get married but my wife was well worth the wait.

I have the cutest daughter ever.  (Most of the time)

I love Bacon.  In college our apartment smelled like bacon 85% of the time.  They should make bacon flavored candles.

I enjoy a good podcast.  It is what I listen to almost every day at work.

I am a religious man and really enjoy working with the young men in our church.

When I sneeze I let it all out.  It is loud and sudden.

I enjoy movies but can be picky about them.  Maybe I should be a move critic.

I am a horrible speller and grammerer.  (My wife is reading over my shoulder and that one cut her deep).  I am an accountant.  Numbers rock.  Letters hard.

I am a gadget man.  I have had an e-reader for quite a while and it really is the future.

I am immature and cheesy on occasion.  The other occasions I am sleeping.

I am bald but luckily for me my wife likes that.

I spend too much time on-line.  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, My blog, and Pintrest.

I am a reality TV junkie.  I watch them all.  Or at least I did at one time or another.

I have won NaNoWrimo (National Writing Month) 2 years in a row.

I was happy when Pottermore picked me as a “Slytherin”.  Maybe I am evil.  I was hoping Harry potter would die in the books.  I mean really die not fake die.

I enjoy movies and books where the main character dies.  Die Main Character Die.

I have disliked movies because the main character didn’t die.

Wow I feel like I am standing here in my skivies for the world to see.  Look at all that information about me that is out there.  Who knows what I will reveal in year number 2.  Deeper and Darker secrets?  Maybe.  Stay tuned.




About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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2 Responses to Hey it’s a birthday – Blogging for 1 year!!

  1. LOAO! Great post. Laughed at the bit about Harry Potter. We often get annoyed when main characters don’t die. We’ve killed a few off of our own over the years. Here’s to another year of great blogging!


    • Yeah surprisingly I haven’t killed any of mine yet. Well other than the one who dies at the beginning and we follow her around. Guess I am a bit of a hypocrite. Thanks for reading my blog.


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