This is the proof. Just in case I lose my memory.

Everyone knows what day it is tomorrow right?  Valentines day.  As a preemptive valentines gift to my wife I took her to see ‘The Vow’.  You know the movie where Rachel McAdams loses her memory.  Well just a few years of memory and doesn’t remember being married to Channing Tatum.  I won’t spoil anything but there is one scene when Rachel asks Channing for proof that she loves him.

That made me think.  If I lost my mind and totally forgot the last 5 years with my wife would there be enough evidence around the house to prove that I love her.

1) My daughter:  My daughter alone would convince me that I was married and happy.  Almost every day the instant I come home my daughter comes running up to me.  Showers me with hugs and kisses.  Tells me that she misses me.  Although i guess it is possible it is a big conspiracy and my supposed wife brainwashed this 3-year-old to convince me I am her husband.

2) Memory Book:  My wife was actually saved a lot of our initial e-mails and texts.  It is quite humorous to read back to some of my initial wooing of her.  She could pull out that book and I would get a bit of the time line where we fell in love.  But it is easy to type up a fake e-mail and pass it off as my smooth yet superb flirting skills.

3) Photo Books:  Every year my wife puts together a photo book.  We try to take lots of pictures through out the year so that would give me another time line to see how we fell in love.  Sure there is photo shop but I know my wifes technological skills and she doesn’t have the ability to photo shop a convincing photo.

4) Magic of Love:  I know it is cheesy but I have been know to be cheesy on occasion.  I would like to believe that the amount of time I have spent with my wife, the amount of time I have spent loving her, would lead to a deep connection that even brain damage couldn’t destroy.

5) I am me:  Why would my beautiful wife try so hard to convince a balding and dorky guy that I am married to her.  I am a catch don’t get me wrong but probably not worth the effort to brainwash, forge, Photoshop, and mystical power.

So there you go future me.  You are married to a wonderful beautiful woman.  You love her and she isn’t some mastermind trying to trick you into loving her.  If you can’t remember just go with it man.  She is very easy to love and a wonderful wife.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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2 Responses to This is the proof. Just in case I lose my memory.

  1. Garth Burt says:

    (I’m your dad’s first cousin)

    My wife, sister & brother-in-law went to the Vow last night and enjoyed it.

    Looking over your web-site I ser we’ve read many of the same authors. One young-adult series I enjoyed was Fablehaven. I’d like to read some of yours.

    Garth Burt


    • I am always willing to share my writing. Can never have too many eyes and advice. Do you have an e-reader?

      Fabelhaven is a good one. I have read that whole series. But haven’t thought about it for a while until you mentioned it.


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