Fear Factor – Pioneer Style!!!!!

We had a church activity the other night that the young men were in charge of planning.  When they were talking about what they wanted to do it came up that their best idea is “Fear Factor”.  Lots of ideas came out on what to eat or dangerous ideas to try.  Some ideas were good and some were horrible (dangerous horrible).  The the idea came to add a bit of churchyness we should do Fear Factor – Pioneer Style.

Have you seen the movie “17 Miracles”?  We watched it once as a mutual activity and thought we could get some good ideas from there.  So these are the events that for our Fear Factor.

Event 1 – Tossing of Buffalo Chips

17 Miracles – Has a scene where they are explaining the use of buffalo chips and even a kid eating one.

A great pioneer tradition.  The only question was were to get some buffalo chips.

Thank you Pringle’s for your Buffalo Wing Flavored chips.  Each youth got a handful of Buffalo chips and they had to eat one and then throw one.  It wasn’t the cleanest of activities but some kids had some serious talent throwing them.

Event 2 – Hop, Step, and a Jump

17 Miracles – There is a scene where two young girls are ahead of the wagon train playing.  Suddenly the road is filled with snakes.  The two girls hop over and over through the snake covered road.

Using 2 plastic snakes with a string tied between them as a starting line.  The played the Pioneer game of Hop, Step and a Jump.  You take one hop, then a long step, and then a two footed jump.  Some of the youth got quite far.  My 3 year old daughter even tried.

Event – 3 Miracle Bread or 6 Saltine Crackers

17 Miracles – A mother remembers two hard biscuits that she had stored since the boat.  She put them in her pot and said a prayer.  The 2 biscuits turned into a miracle meal to feed her family.

It is said you can’t eat 6 saltines crackers in a minute (without any liquid).  We passed around crackers to the youth and let them prove this myth wrong.  Trust me it is not easy.  I have failed every time I have tried.  But it isn’t impossible.  I saw it done and trust me I am impressed.

Event 4 – Frozen Water

17 Miracles – The pioneers had to cross a freezing cold river.

Filling a cooler full of ice and water we created our own freezing river.  Each youth had to stick their hand deep into the water.  At least up to the wrist.  The person who kept their hand in there the longest.  Amazingly enough four of them were so determined to win for pride.

It was a pretty fun night.  The kids had fun other than some dry mouth from the crackers and some ice cold hands.  A young man even made home made ice cream.  Fear was not a Factor for us.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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4 Responses to Fear Factor – Pioneer Style!!!!!

  1. Laird Sapir says:

    That sounds fun. Neat that you coordinate activities like this!


  2. We would join in with that. It sounds like a lot of fun. Though we’re too competitive so it might get…messy


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