Life Sized Angry Birds – Mutual Activity With a Spiritual Message??

Okay we were in charge of the group activity tonight and our assigned topic was repentance.  Now the big question of the day was what activity can you do with 25 to 30 kids from 12 to 18.  That’s when someone came up with the idea of playing “Angry Birds”.  Teenagers love Angry Birds right.  Now the only question is how to play Angry Birds and do a spiritual message.  Let me tell you how.

First there was some set up for the life size angry birds.  We rummaged through our stuff and put together items that we felt might be used to protect our “Piggies” from the angry birds.  Maybe I better explain what “Angry Birds” is for the laymen.

You launch birds at pigs that are blockaded behind some sort of obstacles.  In the above example you see the yellow bird being launched at the green pigs.  That’s what were are trying to do on our activity.

We used tennis balls as our birds and my daughters mega blocks for the birds (See birds below).

We divided up the youth into 6 teams of 4.  3 teams went and set up their blockades with the materials we provided as obstacles (see below)

There were card board boxes, DVD and CD holders, plastic cups, paper plates, and manila folders.  Plenty to form any kind of obstacles.  They did a really good job.  I took a couple of photos so you can see what they put together.

Now that we are set up and ready to start throwing tennis balls (birds) at the piggies we need to insert the spiritual message of repentance.  Here is the twist we came up with.  On each tennis ball we wrote the word “Sin”.  Signifying that every time they threw their angry bird they sinned.

Having sinned they now needed to go through the repentance process.  Using the 5 R’s of Repentance it was set up to for each R there was a activity that the youth had to do.  Making the objective to learn the 5 R’s because they have to repeat it every time they throw the angry bird.  Here are the R’s and the activity.

1. Recognize the sin

Activity: Place one bean in your right shoe saying “Recognize my sin”

2. Remorse for actions

Activity: Do 10 jumping jacks saying “Remorse for my actions”

3 Repent to proper authority

Activity: Stand on your right food for 10 seconds say “Repent to proper person”

4 Right the wrong

Activity: Run in place for 10 seconds saying “Right the wrong”

5 Repeat the sin no more

Activity: Remove the bean and say “Repeat the sin no more”

The bean (we used a lima bean) was meant to symbolize guilt for sinning.  The activity turned out well.   The kids had fun and hopefully got the message we were trying to put across.

Turned out good.  Sure it was a little chaotic but you have a bunch of teenagers throwing tennis balls how can it not be.  It was entertaining watching the youth doing jumping jacks and hoping on one foot.  Feel free to give it a try.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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