My Man Crushes – Due to a dare from Anya

Definition – Man Crush = When a straight man has a “crush” on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.

Yes I challenged my Machoness in my last blog.  So why not go for broke and talk about who I have a man crush on.  At first I was thinking of the traditional guys we all should choose.  Harrison Ford.  He is Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and Jack Ryan.  Or what about Richard Dean Anderson?  McGyver and Jack O’Neill.  Or even Sean Connery the best James Bond.  Or even Chuck Norris (I am just wanted to say him to beat me up.)  But they are a little beyond their prime (wonder if Chuck Norris is going to beat me up now?)

Here is my top 10


That’s right.  It is .. wait for it… Legend…….ary.   Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney or Dr. Horrible.  One of the funniest men around.  Definitely welcome on my list.


Bruce Campbell aka Sam Axe on Burn Notice or Brisco County Jr.  I know he seems like he might be on the past his prime list but he is just to cool to not be number 9.


Christian Kane is number 8.  My wife looked at his picture and asked “Who is that?”  Well he is Eliot Spencer on Leverage.  A butt kicker for sure.  Or you could go back to Angel where he plays Lindsey.


Ryan Reynolds is here at number 7.  Yes he is Green Lantern our green superhero.  But he was much cooler in Blade.  He was in some girly shows too.  He might be up higher if it weren’t for those.


James Roday.  Sean Spencer on Psych.  One of the funniest shows on TV.  If you don’t watch it you should.  If you do watch it let me know where the pineapple is.  I can never find it.


Hello Captain Malcolm Reynolds aka Nathan Fillion.  Okay Nathan Fillion is his real name but he will always be Captain Mal to me.  Although I do enjoy him as Richard Castle in Castle.  5 is a wonderful spot for him.

4. Josh Duhamel is the number 4.  Loved him as Danny on Las Vegas.   He is even a kick butt hero on Transformers.  Thanks for being so cool Josh.

3. Tim Tebow is in the middle of being traded today but he is still loved by millions.  Okay he is hated a lot of people.  Well hated is probably the wrong word.  Everyone says he is one of the best people they have ever meet.  If they say that about you that is certainly the number 3 slot.

2. HHH aka Hunter Hurst Helmsely has been my favorite WWE wrestler for the longest time.  Since he has been part of my Monday night for so long he is at spot number 2.

and 1.The number one slot is David Boreanaz.  He is Booth on Bones and Angel from Buffy and Angel.  Always been one of the coolest guys on TV.  Sure my wife was one of those who wanted Buffy to end up with Spike but she didn’t truly comprehend the coolness of David.  I do and that makes him number 1.


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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12 Responses to My Man Crushes – Due to a dare from Anya

  1. clraven says:

    *standing ovation* bravo! *whistling and stamping feet* we commend your bravery! Ok we haven’t heard of most of these guys. We agree, Booth from Bones is super cool 🙂 there, doesn’t this make you feel better? Wonder how many other guys will now feel brave enough to follow suit. And why are Wenthworth and Johnny not in this list?


  2. Anya Breton says:

    Oh my gosh. Now I’m kicking myself. How could I have forgotten BRUCE?! I’m totally going to have to do an addendum to my actors post now!

    Did your wife join the Buffy party late in the game?

    This is an AWESOME list. I agreed with everyone I knew. Based on who you picked I might have to check out some of the ones I didn’t know…


    • Oh yeah. I would be interested on knowing who you didn’t know. I tried to stay somewhat main stream.

      Not sure where my wife joined the Buffymania. Are late comers more likely to like Spike?


      • Anya Breton says:

        It was actually just James Roday that I didn’t know. Not sure about the Spike vs. Angel thing. I was just curious if that was part of why she wanted Buffy to end up with Spike.


  3. That’s a nice list! I totally understand – I have ‘crushes’ too on other woman, but this has nothing to do with sexuality…
    Just being crazy fans 😀


    • Crazy fans is probably the best way to put it. Or when someone of the opposite sex is talking about how attractive so and so is you just think “if you say so but I like so and so better.”


  4. lwsapir says:

    I applaud you for making this list! I am always surprised when anyone is a fan of Josh Duhamel though. In my mind he is a poor sorry substitute for Timothy Olyphant (He had me at Raylan Givens. Just sayin…) 🙂


    • I can see that. Maybe if I watched Deadwood or Justified I would feel that way too. It is kind of amazing to see how much of how their character acts into who you feel they are in real life. They are cool as this character they must be cool in real life.

      Probably better we never meet them in real life.


  5. mentdijinn says:

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