Book review of “Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)” by Suzanne Collins

1) Rating: 4 out of 5

2) Genre: Young Adult/Dystopia

3) Synopsis: Katniss and Peeta somehow survived the Hunger Games and are now home victors. Will the Capital let them grow old and live in peace? Or will the Capital look to punish Katniss for defying them and giving the districts hope.

4) Feelings: I have come to the realization if you liked the Hunger Games you like it for one of three reasons. 1) It has a wonderful love story and the action of the games. 2) It has a wonderful love story and you put up with the action of the games. 3) It has a love story that you can ignore and the actions of the games.

I am the third.  I really didn’t care about the love story at all.  Whether Katniss ended up with Peeta or Gale meant nothing to me.  I loves Hunger Games for the games themselves.  Sure it was bloody but it was filled with action and suspense.

If you want the games you will struggle with this book some.  Sure there are games but they don’t set foot in the arena until you are 60% into the book.  That’s a whole lot of the book talking about not killing other people.

5) Final recommendation: I didn’t enjoy this one anywhere nearly as much as I did the Hunger Games.  It was still interesting and you care about the characters but it doesn’t invoke the same emotions as the first book did.  Although I imagine if you liked it for reason 1 or 2 you probably liked this book more than I did.

Ryan James Burt

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