Deeper look into me (I will try not to get preachy)

If you follow me on twitter (If you don’t you should get over there and follow me) you would see that there is a running joke about being a highroader or a lowroader.  I am the champion of the highroad.

What makes me a highroader (okay I don’t really consider myself higher than other people but it makes for an easy reference)?  I am a religious man.  It seems I spend a lot of time at church.  My wife says that if anyone asks my daughter where I am during the week she will usually respond “He’s at church.”

As you can see from some of my past posts I spend a lot of time with the teenagers in our church.  I kind of wanted to talk about an activity we had last week.  It was called “Best of Especially for Youth”. It’s three speakers all talking about topics that they feel are important to the youth of today.

The first speaker was awesome and I wanted to share some of what he talked about.  He told two stories.

1) He told a story about a father who had a son in quarantine. He came walking in without seeing the quarantine sign but got stopped and escorted out of the room.  Of course his son started to cry at the sight of his dad being led away.  Like any dad would he turned around and headed back to his son.  This time he was dragged away from his son and the room door was locked.  The father stood there with his face and hands pressed against the glass trying to do anything he could to comfort his quarantined son.

2) The speaker talked about how his son when he turned 17 went away and to Japan on tour. He talked about he would sit next to the window in his office and wait for his computer to beep signifying that his son logged onto Skype so he could talk to him.

Why did he tell these two stories? He was equating them to prayer. (Okay this is where I might get a little overly religious so hold onto your seat). In this we are the quarantined kid who is panicking and crying.  The world we live in today I know there are times where I can’t help but want to panic and cry. The father with his face pressed against the glass trying to do anything he can to comfort the kid would be God.

Prayer is really important to us highroarers.  I know now that I am a father how important a kid can be to a parent.  If I was there with my daughter crying in quarantine I would be dying inside.  Is there someone out there (in heaven or earth) dying inside hoping to hear from us?


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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One Response to Deeper look into me (I will try not to get preachy)

  1. clraven says:

    it must be awful to have someone you love in quarantine and not be able to comfort them when they’re alone. It’s great that you do so much work with teenagers when most people are usually terrified of them. You are definitely champion of the highroad 🙂


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