Ahh Family is great – Some days greater than others.

I love family. I have 5 siblings and hanging out with them is some pretty good times. Not only that but my daughter loves hanging out with all her cousins. As great as it is having a big family there are certain times when it is even greater (more great?).

When you may ask? When you need to get something done. My wife and I decided to buy my cute little girl a swing set / playground. Not just a little bitty playground but a jumbo playground. One that there is no way I could put it together by myself. I am macho and manly but even I have limitations. What is a macho/manly man to do? Send a call out to his brothers for some cheap labor.

Okay they got paid in food. Free meal is a great incentive. We zoomed into Wal-Mart in the morning and picked up some subs that we ordered. We have determined that Wal-Mart is the best way to get a large sub for any kind of party.

A couple of my brothers came over around noon and we started working. I am certainly glad for the help because it took much longer than I expected. Okay maybe I expected it would take a while but part of me hoped it would take under the 6 hours it did.  Sure we ate in the middle somewhere and we had several kids running around hindering (or helping if you ask them).

Still at the end of 6 hours with three macho men worn out and sore we got it done.  Kids jumped and played on it and loved it. I know what you’re thinking.  You want to see this awesome thing.  Okay no need to wait any longer.  Here she is.

Needless to say I am very thankful for my brothers and their help.  Thanks so much Bros.  I owe you one.


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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2 Responses to Ahh Family is great – Some days greater than others.

  1. That is really impressive! I want to hop up above the slide and become KING of the bunker. Or queen. I guess 😉 And again, holy cow, look at that view!


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