The Bachelor Dad – Hummm probably not the right way to do things.

This story will take a little set up. I try to make sure I have a well-rounded daughter. I don’t want her to be all princesses and my little ponies. To counter all that a while ago I bought her an Avengers shirt and she was instantly drawn to the Hulk.

My daughter has a bit of a fighter in her and she loves to jump on top of me. For a while I wouldn’t have any warning but now I have been getting some warning. She will yell “HULK SMASH.” and then jump on top of me.

With her so excited about the Hulk she has started to ask to see Avengers. My wife is out of town and when she was talking about seeing Avengers I thought ‘Humm why not.’

Being the good dad I am I took my 3 and 1/2-year-old to Avengers. Ironically the scenes that scared her were the ones with the Hulk. Although there is a scene where the Hulk turns back into his human form and he is naked. For fifteen minutes after that my daughter would cover her mouth and say “The Hulk was naked. He is silly.”

I was a little worried about her not sleeping tonight but as I walked out of the room she said “Dad dad. The Hulk was naked. He is silly.” Amazingly enough that was the last sound I heard out of her room. She fell right to sleep. Maybe my wrong way isn’t so bad after all.


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4 Responses to The Bachelor Dad – Hummm probably not the right way to do things.

  1. clraven says:

    We absolutely agree with you! We taught our niece to sword fight with plastic swords and when she’s older, we’ll teach her how to fix cars. She loves all things to do with Halloween and isn’t frightened by all the skull stuff we own. She even wears our studded jewellery. Taking your girl to see the film was a great idea. We grew up watching horror films as kids and we turned out…oh, right. We’re the ones they warn you about 😉


  2. awesome angie says:

    …..and she has told all of us here about it as well! that will be fun for the wife later today! (:


  3. jamieayres says:

    My daughter, who is now 8, was always waaaayyyy more interested in super heroes than princesses and barbies:)


  4. Naked Hulks ARE silly 😉


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