What to grab in case of fire.

If you aren’t aware there are fires everywhere. The area is so dry it doesn’t take much to start a fire and the fire is spreading like crazy. There has been a bunch of news stories about people having to leave there houses in minutes.

Gets you thinking right? What would you grab if your house if in the path of a massive fire?

Computers right? It has the pictures, videos, etc. Still how much of that would be recovered between the cloud and phones and such.

Books? Nothing I can really think of that is not replaceable. I do most of my reading electronically.

I think it comes down to important papers. We are thinking about getting together a folder that has everything you would want. Passports, birth certificates, car title, insurance stuff, Etc. I bought the folder but haven’t got around to pulling it all together.

You would think with all the fires it would make me get my butt in gear. It hasn’t but it should.

What would you grab????


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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9 Responses to What to grab in case of fire.

  1. TJ says:

    I’d grab “the folder”, my external hard drive (all my photos are there) and my grandfather’s sports medals. Everything else could be replaced.


  2. jamieayres says:

    We have a fireproof safe w/ all that stuff. If you don’t get your butt in gear, maybe put in on your Christmas wish list? My grandparents are usually good about getting us stuff we don’t want to buy for ourselves, but need nonetheless;-)


  3. clraven says:

    easy – the animals first. We have all our work stored on 2 memory pens, so as long as we’ve got those, we could probably leave the laptops, but we won’t. We’d never be able to get all our hard copies of our work – one they’re in the attic storage space, at the back, and two, there are several heavy boxes full of nineteen years worth of writing. It’ll have to burn. We’d like to grab our animal photos, but we do have a large frame with one photo of every animal we’ve ever owned, so in an emergency, we’d take that. Perhaps our swords. Just in case the fire brings the zombies.


  4. coffeewithwhitney says:

    good question! we are actually thinking about getting a safety deposit box for those important papers – even though they aren’t 100% fire-proof, they’d do better than the the plain ol junk drawer at home. ha. I would grab pics – which like yo said are on the computer – so I would lug my entire computer out the door while a fire is coming at me, yep.


    • Yeah I can just imagine the armful of stuff people would be trying to carry out with them. I should have asked my daughter what she would have grabbed. Usually when she packs it is the first thing in sight.


      • coffeewithwhitney says:

        it would probably be her favorite stuffed animal. ha. i can’t wait til my little girl gets to the age she is talking – but i’m enjoying her little “cooing” still at 11 months 🙂


      • They are great as they get older. I love how she can interact and respond. Other things become more of a challenge (like going to bed) but it is totally worth it.


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