Going on a Cruise with a 3 year old – Part 2

The whole family is on the boat and we are ready to cruise. The boat takes off and we are heading into sea. Food is everywhere (including my stomach) and I am trying to make sure I get the most out of my soda card (soda card really is only for soda. If you want to drink lemonade or milk don’t get the soda card.)

Our trip was from Long Beach to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico. We left on a Monday. Hit Catalina on Tuesday. Ensenada on Wednesday. All day at sea on Thursday and then debarking on Friday.

We decided to do excursions at both ports.  One of the reasons we decided to do that was because with Pepper only being 3 years old meant she was free. In Catalina Island we had to take a water taxi (which was free) from the boat to the pier and that alone made the trip worth it for my daughter but we also signed up to go on a glass bottom boat. The glass bottom boat was on the exact pier were the water taxi dropped us off.

That made for a really simple day. We could wander up and down the board walk knowing exactly where we needed to be for our trip and our return trip to the boat.  We did a little shopping and then went out to see some fish.  They did get a little more money out of us by offering some fish food packets but they were certainly worth it because when you dropped that fish food in there was a frenzy.  My daughter loved it.

After the boat ride we spent some time on the beach. We wished we had brought our daughter’s swimsuit but we forgot. Sure I tried at first to keep my daughter dry but I gave up after a while and let her jump in with both feet.  She got soaked of course.

Our excursion in Ensenada was to the Blowhole. A blowhole is really only a spot where as the waves crash against the rocks it builds up pressure and then explodes on occasion.  I hear there are only 4 in the world.  We saw the one in Hawaii and I was a little disappointed.  We may have hit it during the wrong tide or something but the Ensenada blowhole was impressive.  Plenty of tourists walked away wet from the blowhole.

On the path to the blowhole is tourist trap extravaganza. Place after place looking to sell each and every tourist something. Not really as pressure selling as I expected but certainly pressure. I admit we bought a few things but we negotiated the price down to where we were comfortable.  To get to the blowhole was a 45 minute bus ride each way but the guide kept us pretty entertained.  Plus it is always interesting to see how different cultures really live.

Both excursions were nice not only for the me and my wife but for my daughter.  They did cost some extra cash but not really too bad.   Excursions really can make the difference on a cruise it seems.  I am not sure what it would be like spending all day on the boat with it being partly shut down.

Final thoughts are next.  To be continued ….


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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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