The dreaded mouse!!

What do you do when you hear a yell from the other room and see your wife standing up on a chair? Well laugh is not the correct answer. Apparently my wife saw a mouse. I grab my shoe and get ready to smash it but it is nowhere to be seen. Although it can be heard.

Luckily for me I have a few mouse traps so I set them up. Unfortunately for me that night my wife head the mouse next to the bed and saw it running out of the room. We are off to work me well rested her not so much. I stop by the store and grab a couple of more traps knowing I need to do something or there will be H$#& to pay or try to convince my wife moving isn’t an option.

We get home I get ready to set up some traps and lo and behold in one of the two traps I had set up is the mouse. That is right who is the man? I am.

There is more to the story than just this. My wife is still jumpy. Last night I wasn’t feeling the best so I went to sleep early. I almost always stay up later than my wife. I have her trained to fall asleep to ESPN (self high-five). Well I wake up several hours later and realize I hadn’t plugged my phone in so with my eyes closed I reach down for the power cord. Suddenly my wife jumps onto the bed. Is she excited to see me awake? Does she want to give me a kiss so I feel better? No and no. She thinks my blind rummaging is a mouse and she leapt onto the bed to protect herself.

There you have it the dreaded mouse story. Lets hope it isn’t to be continued…


About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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One Response to The dreaded mouse!!

  1. jamieayres says:

    Hahaha, laugh is not the answer for sure! My hubby had to get rid of a pair of rats a few years ago and even cleaned up all their rat droppings around the kitchen and steralized everything b/c I was too freaked out to do it. Luckily, we moved later that year:-)


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