Disney on Ice with a 3 year old. Better than expected.

That’s right I took my daughter to ‘Disney on Ice’. She had actually been saving up her money from chores and such to buy her ticket. Her piles of pennies helped her get some tickets and we went.

I will admit I was not looking forward to going. Sure I thought my daughter would like it but I expected it to be one big commercial with expensive treats. To the point where I saw a Disney watch for cheap the day before and bought it. No I am serious. We got home from shopping and said to my wife “We should have bought that watch and we could use it as a souvenir item.”

My wife totally agreed with brilliant idea but it was ten minutes until the store closed and we live like nine minutes away. I jump into the car and drove like a maniac and made it to the store to buy the watch. Okay back to the ‘Disney on Ice’.

My daughter dressed up in her ‘Brave’ outfit. She was as cute as a button and beyond excited. We make it to the show and find our seats. We sat down and she stared at the castle on the other end of the ice. Her eyes were as big as saucers. It wasn’t the only time her eyes were that big.

The show did make me wonder if I haven’t introduced my daughter to enough Disney shows. I don’t think she had a clue who ‘The Incredibles’ were or ‘Stitch’ but she loved it. Her biggest moment what when Buzz and Woody were in the middle of their routine when Jessie came out. My ears are still ringing from her yelling “JESSIE!!”

She even suckered me into buying her some cotton candy. It came with the crown above but it was like $12 bucks. I was right about the cost of the souvenirs but I was wrong about enjoying the show. ‘Disney on Ice’ was quite good but my daughter would give it at least two thumbs up and possibly three if she could.

If you had second thoughts about whether it would be worth it to take your young kid I would say ‘Yes.’ Do it. They will love it. Might be worth pulling out some random Disney movies to make sure they know everything. But other than that two (or possibly three) thumbs up.



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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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