Baconalia – Bacon on your dessert?

002I took the family to Denny’s the other day and was super excited to see it was Baconalia. What is that? Who knows but if it has anything to do with bacon I am in. I am in 100%. Not only am I a big fan of bacon but I am a fan of breakfast. So normally when I go to a restaurant that serves breakfast all day I consider the breakfast menu first off.

The breakfast menu did look good but the item that caught my eye was ‘The Salted Caramel Ice Cream & Brownie with Bacon’. How could that not catch my eye? I had to try it. I needed to save room so I could have bacon with my dessert.


What did I think? It was okay. I like caramel, and brownies, and ice cream, and bacon. Just all together doesn’t quite live up to expectation. It wasn’t horrible or anything but if you are going to put bacon with dessert I would go maple doughnuts and bacon. Now that is a match made in heaven.



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I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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