Things my daughter says #43 – My daughter wants to be an alligator hunter!!


If you haven’t seen Swamp People I would highly recommend it. It is a show about hunting alligators. Now the question you might be thinking is why does a cute four-year-old little girl want to be an Alligator hunter? I am asking that same question.

I was watching the show the other night and my daughter comes in and wants to watch some of it with me. really she just doesn’t want to go to sleep yet but hey father daughter time.

In alligator hunting you usually have a team of two working together. After you have a gator on the hook one hunter pulls up the alligator and the other takes a gun and shoots it dead. Here is one of the best teams out there.

Swamp People

Not really the place for a four-year-old right. But she means it. She has come up to me several times “Dad when are we going to go get alligators. You are big so you pull them up and I will shoot them.” She follow this pronouncement with a finger point, a bang, and a little skip.

Look out swamp people the next alligator hunter is coming.


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One Response to Things my daughter says #43 – My daughter wants to be an alligator hunter!!

  1. lilyelement says:

    That is awesome! Wonder how long she’ll want to be one lol


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