My Karate Kid


My cute little girl has started taking karate. That’s right my sweet little girl is a deadly weapon. She loves the classes. She enjoys the exercise and surprisingly the discipline of it all.

IMG_1488 smaller

Who would have thought my tiny little girl would be a board breaking machine.  She was taking gymnastic but she kept asking to take karate. I think it was from watching Power Rangers.  I know she is in all black above but she even has a cute pink karate outfit. She has a belt and as she passes off different lessons she gets different loops on her belt. Believe it or not one of those loops is for her skill in eye-gouging. That’s right I said eye gouging.

My little girl is a lethal weapon.



About ryanjamesburt

I am a father, husband, accountant, and want to be writer. I try to stay busy so why not keep a blog. I can talk about what is on my mind and maybe entertain some people in the process.
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