Star Wars Force Awakens – Father winning moment.

Force AwakensBath times in my house is a nice time for the parents to relax. If you can line bath time up with Monday Night Football even better. As the timing of it all worked out that my daughter finished up her bath just at half time. Half time was also when the 4th Star Wars Force Awakens Commercial was released and when I told my daughter this was the new Star Wars she watched entranced.

Then it said the movie was going to be released for Christmas. My daughters birthday is December 30th and for birthdays in our house we like to go see a movie as a family. My daughter leaps off the bed and into my arms. “Daddy Daddy can we go see Star Wars for my birthday. Please please please.”

With her little arms wrapped around my neck begging me to go see a movie that I want to see what could my answer be? “For sure. Of course we can go see Star Wars for your birthday.”

What a good dad I am to make such a sacrifice. Winning.

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My dominate little soccer player.


Guess who started to play soccer recently. My cute little girl that’s who. So far this experience has gone much better than our T-Ball escapade where all she really wanted to do was play in the dirt.


Look at her bend it like Beckham. Okay not quite that skilled but she really does seem to enjoy it. Sure the first week she was more excited about bringing the treat than actually playing soccer. I was worried that she might be passive about playing but she gets right in there. She is totally willing to get in there and mix it up. Maybe I have a player.

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Wow I have a first grader!!


Can you believe that this cute little girl is in first grade? She has been for a whole week. I asked her how her first day went and the response I got sounded like it came from a little me. “We had to talk about boooring rules. Although we did have four recesses.”

That’s my little girl. She was so excited the week leading up to school. She got to go school shopping (which she enjoyed) and picked out some cute outfits. Super happy to get a new back pack and a lunch box. But the one thing she really wanted for the new year was an alarm clock. She wanted some clock that she could hit the snooze button on. Another reason she is like me is because she loves to hit that snooze button.


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On her very first try…

A month or so ago my daughter asked to have her training wheels removed. I thought why not so I removed them but my cute daughter would never try to go without me holding on. We put them back on but before I did that I bent them way up high.

So for the last few weeks she has been riding more or less without her training wheels. Well yesterday she asked to take her wheels off again. This time without hesitation she took off. She had no problems as she took off on two wheels. What to go little girl. 


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I just wanted to see …


I got home and saw water all over the bathroom and my daughter standing on the bath mat wrapped in a towel. Glancing from the puddles to my daughter I try to figure out what in the world just happened. 

Apparently my daughter was curious if her cat likes water or not. She needed to answer the question everyone wonders. What would happen if you pulled a cat into the tub with you. 

Makes you wish there was a video camera to film my little girl as she pulled her unexpecting cat into the bath with her. Luckily she only got a few scratches but she certainly answered her question. Her cat does not like water!!! 

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Dad I said I wanted to have fun…


My daughter is only six and she gives me attitude. I know I am in trouble when she is a teenager. Take tonight for example. My wife and I were craving some fries but my daughter didn’t want to go out. Not even bribing her with ice cream would change her mind. 

“So what do you think we should do?” I am at a loss with ice cream bribery not working. 

“Dad I said I wanted to have fun. Not fu..boring.” How can you not laugh at that. I did and got an elbow in my side for laughing. 

I am so glad my daughter is fun not fu..boring!! 

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Texts from my 6 year old.

My daughter has been sick for a while now. It means a lot of coughing, sleeping, and lounging on the couch. Another thing is when my daughter gets sick she gets clingy and all lovey. 

The other night I had a meeting I needed to go to so I kiss my daughter and get a puppy dog look with “But dad I don’t want you to go.”

What do you say to a cute and sick little girl. “Why don’t you text me if you need anything.”

What a six year old texting? Not too long ago she found out she could text mom and dad with her iPod. I figure it is making her type out words and read so I am mostly okay with it. This was our conversation (my daughter in grey and me in blue.) and it certainly made me smile.


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