Wow Long Time – Just the Good Stuff

Wow it has been a long time since I have blogged. I used to be pretty good at it but not so much anymore. Soooo lets try to turn over a new leaf. I am going to start bloging about stuff that I find good. Could be a movie,some food, or anything in between.

Good Thing #01


Now now don’t judge me just yet. I was looking for something simple as a snack. This was just one dollar at Walmart and looked like it would be satisfying. Sure I was worried at first it was just a can of tuna and some crackers. It was a can of tuna salad and some crackers. It was surprisingly good. Not only that but apparently they have a variety of meats (ham, chicken) and flavors.

That’s it good thing #1. Enjoy.

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Just the right mixture of boy / girl.

Every once in a while my daughter reminded me that when my wife first got pregnant that I wanted a boy and not a girl. I always tell her that I remember but she is the prefect daughter for me.

Her response? “That’s because I am part boy and part girl.”

Sometimes she does something that shows how I have influenced her to like a variety of things.  Just like this.   

 Perfect mixture of girl/boy.

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Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

“Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” An important line from the Star Wars movie by Princess Leia. Recently my daughter said Chewbacca is her favorite character but I could have sworn it was Princess Leia.

My daughter isn’t just into Star Wars but she is into Legos. She got a bunch of Legos for her 7th Birthday. She is one wonderful daughter. Makes me proud. Exspecially at moments like this.


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Raising a Star Wars daughter right.

  My daughter turns 7 in 9 days. What does she want to do on her birthday? Go see Star Wars.  Am I willing to wait to see “The Force Awakens” until then? For sure she is my little girl.
Until then we have started watching the earlier episodes. We started with episode 1. While watching Jar Jar Binks my daughter come up to me. “Who is that guy with the long ears?” 

“That is Jar Jar.” I was always told they added Jar Jar to entertain the kids. I was bracing myself for her to ask for a doll or something of him.

“He is weird. I don’t like him!” She gives me a head shake like she just doesn’t understand why he is in the show.

I give my smart girl a hug and we continue to watch. That’s how you raise a Star Wars Daughter right.

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Take that Jazz Bear – Well kind of

Jazz Bear

The Jazz Bear came into town and visited my daughter’s elementary school. It sounds like everyone was super excited to see him. My wife said it is super smart by the Jazz to send a mascot because they are building new Jazz fans.

At one point I guess there was a big chant “Raise your hand if you are a Jazz fan!”

Of course hands a plenty flew into the air. My wife said she is pretty sure everyone’s hand was in the air. Well everyone except my daughter. Them my wife swears that she saw the boy next to my daughter lean over and ask her a question and my daughter said something with the word “Lakers” in it. That’s right Jazz Bear. Take that.


Me and my little girl are Laker fans. Well mostly because later in the day the Jazz Bear gave everyone a poster of him and a high five. Somehow in my house there is a Jazz Bear poster hanging up and every once in a while my daughter gives the poster a high five as she walks past.

Well played Jazz Bear. You haven’t won yet.

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Star Wars Force Awakens – Father winning moment.

Force AwakensBath times in my house is a nice time for the parents to relax. If you can line bath time up with Monday Night Football even better. As the timing of it all worked out that my daughter finished up her bath just at half time. Half time was also when the 4th Star Wars Force Awakens Commercial was released and when I told my daughter this was the new Star Wars she watched entranced.

Then it said the movie was going to be released for Christmas. My daughters birthday is December 30th and for birthdays in our house we like to go see a movie as a family. My daughter leaps off the bed and into my arms. “Daddy Daddy can we go see Star Wars for my birthday. Please please please.”

With her little arms wrapped around my neck begging me to go see a movie that I want to see what could my answer be? “For sure. Of course we can go see Star Wars for your birthday.”

What a good dad I am to make such a sacrifice. Winning.

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My dominate little soccer player.


Guess who started to play soccer recently. My cute little girl that’s who. So far this experience has gone much better than our T-Ball escapade where all she really wanted to do was play in the dirt.


Look at her bend it like Beckham. Okay not quite that skilled but she really does seem to enjoy it. Sure the first week she was more excited about bringing the treat than actually playing soccer. I was worried that she might be passive about playing but she gets right in there. She is totally willing to get in there and mix it up. Maybe I have a player.

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