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Star Wars Force Awakens – Father winning moment.

Bath times in my house is a nice time for the parents to relax. If you can line bath time up with Monday Night Football even better. As the timing of it all worked out that my daughter finished up … Continue reading

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Decision time – Using my brand new present.

As you all know I just had my birthday. My wonderful wife went all out. Party with balloons, a bounce house, and piñata. Okay my daughter may have been involved in the planning. Not only did my wife go all … Continue reading

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The big 4 Zero

Today is my birthday. Not only is it my birthday but it is the big 4 0. That’s right forty. Hard to believe I know. I am so young and vibrant. Nonetheless it is true. So happy birthday to me. … Continue reading

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Another year older

Well if you haven’t heard today is my birthday. Another year older but amazingly still not any more mature. Go figure. I love birthdays though. Why?? 1. You are super popular on Facebook. 2. You get free pie or cake … Continue reading

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DO YOU LIKE TO PAAAARRRRRTTTYYY!! Well if you do the week you have waited for is here. What week is that you may ask? My birthday week. What is a birthday week you may ask? Well I didn’t know what … Continue reading

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It is finally here – Sure Signs of Summer!!

This week I had what I like to call my signs of summer. My wife is a teacher so my first sign is her being off for the summer.  That means her sleeping in while I get ready for work. … Continue reading

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Hey it’s a birthday – Blogging for 1 year!!

I know I know it is hard to believe.  I have been blogging for a whole year.  I have shared a whole lot of information with you readers over that time. 112 posts.  That’s not bad.  Figure that is 52 weeks.  … Continue reading

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